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Mit Sitz in Deutschland

Nana Amma Addison – Agyei is a young Ghanaian-German woman.

She started deliberate personal development from the age of 18 when she realized that I will not be successful with formal education after her A-Levels.

After facing problems in “formal education” for being “too rebellious”, Nana understood that the system could never get her where she wanted to be in life.

At the age of 23, she had enough trial and error experiences and decided to choose to build my career with a radical learning by doing approach. She dropped out of University and started working full time as a freelancer in Project management, Event management and anything digital marketing/communication.

Today she is the Co-Founder of two Startups. Her boutique brand consulting agency Addison Green and her tech Startup StyleIndi.

Nana wants to offer the world her African-European (Afropean) perspective and she will.

How to achieve ANY goal, upgrade your life and make everyone proud:

  1. Why diversity is the number one KPI for the success of your company
  2. Why the culture fit approach brings more harm than harmony
  3. Corporate branding is outdated. Digital transformation means personal branding
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