With audiences growing younger, there is need for Edutainment.


Become an entertaining speaker without losing your status and credibility.

Event Bookings

Become a managed speaker and let us up-level your personal brand.

Video Production

Professional video creation and editing for showreels, corporate videos, social media & more.


Ariane de Melo

I spent the past years developing a system that would help people delight with words, not because the existing ones aren’t effective but because this industry is in desperate need of enchantment – and that comes from within.

Our Unique Approach

Tailor Made Training

Every person has their very particular strengths and weaknesses. We do not do “one size fits all“. We create tailor-made trainings based on your needs — for our concern is what is best for you and your company.

Delightful Storytelling

We are natural born storytellers and have become trained-fact-throwing-machines. Our job is to guide you and your employees to tell stories that will get your audience hanging on your every word.

Award-Winning Editing

Every filmmaker can create content but not every content creator can make a film. We work with actual — and award-winning — experts of the film industry that will bring high end results for your videos.

Presentation-Brand Alignment

It is easy to follow good strategies and hacks to communicate better on a stage, the difficulty is to get people to remember who you are. We align your presentation with your brand and give your talk a strong signature.


It is proven that entertainment is essential for effective learning, unfortunately joy and pleasure are not words audiences associate with business events — our mission is to change that.

Online Events Specialist

While the world spins around live, in-person events, we focused on creating an experience for audiences in the rapidly growing online space. Our boutique bureau aims on building your unique Edutainer career off- and online.

Work With Us


We developed a system to help people delight with words. Although the existing ones are effective but this industry is in desperate need of enchantment.

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